CONSOLE Features

Experience faster, more reliable games with cloud storage backups. No more scratched discs, out of stock or misplaced games. Tired of stacks of games cluttering your home? With the digital gameshelf games have never been more efficient and accessible

Console Tech Specs

The DIGICUBE was designed to out perform, delivering ultra HD graphics with seamless frame rates exceeding 60fps so games run as smoothly as they were intended

8 Core CPU 8 GB Memory AMD GPU 1 TB HDD
USB 3.0 Cloud Backup 802.11n Wireless

Digital Pre-Releases

Get the excitement of playing the latest game before anyone else, without lining up outside for hours. DIGICLUB’s new pre-release lobby system lets you chat with friends and be part of the hype leading up to game launches, and allows you to immediately follow your friends into game online with our preinstall game couponing system


1 HR
23 MIN
56 SEC

125 Members in lobby
6 Friends on chat

Background Downloads

The DIGICUBE store downloader manager allows you to download your games in the background while you perform other tasks, maximizing your gaming time and never interfering with what your doing


Packages starting at only $289 including console, controller, games, DIGICLUB points and a PLUS membership trial

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